RHA T20i Black Earphone with Remote (New 2018)

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Hi-Res in-ear monitors with microphone for Apple
A high-resolution, high-end listening experience, featuring revolutionary technology, design and engineering.

DualCoil™ dynamic driver
Injection moulded stainless steel
Tuning filters: bass, treble, reference
Mouldable ear hooks
Control Siri, Google Assistant and more via remote
Three year warranty

DualCoil™ Driver
High-resolution DualCoil™ dynamic driver technology
The T20i features the revolutionary DualCoil™ driver, a reimagined dynamic driver engineered to offer high-resolution sound reproduction. DualCoil™ technology features two independent voice coils, each responsible for producing part of the frequency range for refined, high-resolution audio.

Perfect fit
Mouldable over-ear hooks.
The T20i features unique over-ear hooks designed to hold the headphones in position with the cable running over and behind the ear. The over-ear hooks are fully mouldable, ensuring the headphone offers a comfortable, secure fit and effective noise isolation.

Take control
3-button remote and microphone
An in-line remote and microphone offer convenient control over calls, music and volume with compatible Apple® devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone models. The remote is found on an oxygen-free copper cable finished with a high durability outer which offers minimal tangling.

The mic allows for full Siri control; allowing app, call, track and volume control wherever you are.

Made in metal
Injection moulded stainless steel construction
The T20i's ergonomic driver housings are constructed using the metal injection moulding process. By using this advanced manufacturing technique for the headphone's housing, RHA's T Series products combine the durability of stainless steel with a natural, contoured shape which sits comfortably in the ear.

The unique black finish is achieved using a process called physical vapour deposition (PVD) whereby the housing is placed in a magnetised vacuum with plasma and powdered dye to create a blemishless, scratchproof coating.

Tuned by you
Customisable sound signature
RHA's T20i features a choice of three pairs of tuning filters for sound signature customisation. Bass filters emphasise low frequencies for genres such as rock, hip-hop and EDM, while treble filters bring out upper frequency detail in classical, acoustic or jazz tracks. The silver reference filters offer neutral, balanced sound reproduction.


DualCoil™ Dynamic Driver


1.35m, OFC

Frequency Range
16 – 40,000Hz

Rated/Max Power
2 / 5mW

3.5mm, gold plated

16 ohms


Manufacturer's Warranty
3 Years


What's in the box 1 x RHA T20i Black Earphone with Remote (New 2018)
Warranty 3 Years
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